A convenient solution for companies, that have a one-time or periodic need for rail transportation. The required type cars will be delivered for loading in accordance with the schedule declared by the customer.
Удобное решение для компаний, у которых есть периодическая потребность в перевозках по железной дороге.
Rolling stock rental services are suitable for the ringed route transportation and routes with short transportation distance. Our experts will help you choose the rolling stock to rent, as well as provide full technical support for the leased freight car fleet.
We provide financial audit and forwarding as a part of complex solutions. Prior experience working with the Russian Railways subsidiaries allows us to accurately budget for transportation costs, to control payments with the carrier and to insure the risk of unreasonable increases in costs.
Due to the differentiated tariff policy of ITLS the customers' costs for organization of transportation are always optimal. The final cost is influenced by the number and proportion of car types, special requirements, terms and arrangements for the use of rolling stock.
We can effectively interact with the Russian Railways officials to resolve disputes and discuss special conditions of cooperation.
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