Large good volumes, long distances and non-standard sized goods are only a few factors which make the transportation of your goods require special attention.
We perform cargo forwarding and provide a complete organization process from route development to insurance arrangement and shipping documents preparation.
Большие объемы, дальние расстояния, нестандартные грузы – это лишь малая часть факторов, которые обусловливают необходимость особого внимания при перевозке.
Standard services
We provide customs clearance procedures, submit declarations, make payments, place goods in temporary storage warehouses.
Customs clearance
We take into account transportation time, restrictions, the need to perform additional operations on the way.
Route development
Agreements with carriers, freight forwarding companies, warehousing operators and other logistics chain participants.
Working with subcontractors
We arrange waybills, bills of lading, insurance certificates, and other documentation necessary for transportation.
Document management
Our experts provide round-the-clock cargo dispatching at all transportation stages, including monitoring of loading operations, the integrity of seals, the conditions of storage and placement of cargo in warehouses. Informing the customer about the arrival of cargo as well as all operations within the warehouse.
Cargo escorting
We select rolling stock according to the type of cargo.
Rolling Stock Selection
Which advantages does our freight forwarder offer?
Transportation optimization
We elaborate routings, select car fleet, choose ways of cargo transshipment, storage and processing, and minimize logistics costs.
Proper paperwork
We eliminate document circulation errors and administrative complexities in order to save you time.
Cargo Security
We significantly reduce the risk of cargo loss or damage through precise control of transportation processes.
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